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Monday, April 12, 2010

You can build a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

I have been thinking for a while about building a raised vegetable garden.  After last year, when my garden would hardly grow due to all the rocks and clayeyness (definitely not a word), I decided that I would elevate and use some bagged dirt.  I found out that it is really not so hard to build a raised bed.  The hardest part was fitting all the wood into our little Explorer Sport SUV.  But we managed, and after breaking the drivers side window (not related to the wood) and patching it up with some super fancy and ultra cool plastic sheeting that makes lots of noise in the wind, we were started on our garden.  Here is a tutorial-a-la-Mary, filled with non-technical terms and lots of thingies.

A toolbox filled with all kinds of items, except the ones you actually need.
*A Drill
*8 2"x4"x8' pieces of lumber
*8 Fasteners (see picture of flat silver things with holes) 
* 2 packages of Corner Braces (4 in each)
* A box of long wood screws (3")
* The Sunday Paper
* Love

The first thing that we did was take the lumber 2x4's and lay them out on the picnic tabe to make sure they were all mostly straight. 
Next we took 2 boards and drilled pilot holes that matched the holes on the fasteners. 
Next we took 1 fastener and put 2 boards together so that the sides will be 8" high.
The picture below is how the boards will look when all the holes are drilled and the sides are fastened. 

Repeat that step with all of your boards.  Ta Daa!!! You have walls!  Give yourself a pat on the back and get a drink of lemonade.

 Next we fastened all of the boards together in a square using the Corner braces. Be sure to brace both the top and the bottom of the wood so that the box will not move.

Fasten all those sides together and you have a box!  Not just any ordinary box but a garden box.  One that you can fill with dirt and compost and plants and love. 

One last thing that I did tonight.  I filled the box with newspapers, after I removed all of the coupons of course (Sunday papers are so thick and awesome).  After I got the whole thing covered, I wet the newspaper with the hose to keep it in place.  I also had my cute little husband throw the bags of dirt still in the plastic on top of the papers to keep them from shifting.  The newspapers will kill the grass underneath and keep any new weeds from forming.  Also, you don't even have to remove the newspaper when you add the dirt.  I saw on a garden website (I have seen so many I can't remember which one) that newspaper makes great compost.  You just put your dirt right on top.

This really was an easy project as far a wooden things go.  I am not handy at all, but me and my husband were able to whip this up in just a hour or two.  I am excited about my new garden.  Rest assured, I will be blogging about the funness of this garden all season long.

Stay Tuned!!



Lori Vann said...

thank you for the photos and easy descriptions. I really want to do this and just need an extra push to get my husband to do it. This maybe it!

I think clayeyness is a word. I learned my lession when we were in SC when I tried to plant peppers right in the good ol' sand-clay mixture ground. We built a raised garden the next year...LOL.

Love the newspaper tips, will try that!!

shopannies said...

thanks for posting this I have been thinking about building one but was not exactly sure how

Charla @ Healthy Home Blog said...

This is so cool! I've been wanting to do "Square Foot Gardening," and this is the directions for how to do it. I need to show this to my husband! And by the way, that's a great prize you have for the UBP. :)

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Great job!! We have raised beds too and I love it!
LOL!! Love how you removed the coupons first!! ;-)

Susan said...

Hi! Just stopping in for the party! I love gardening also and always open to new ideas. This post was really helpful Thanks! Please stop by my blog anytime. I love visiters!

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