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Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring has sprung and dust bunnies have multiplied!!

Its that time of year that we all love.  The time when the dust bunnies and pollen begin to blow gently in the breezes that blow in through our freshly opened windows that have been tightly closed all winter.  It is officially time to clean up some of the clutter that has been bogging us down all winter and make the old homestead look all nice and pretty for the spring.  You simply cannot put out fresh flowers on top of a dusty table, the flowers will sneeze!!  In celebration of my joining moneysavingmom.com  on her quest to clear the clutter, and the launch of my brand new blog "Mary's Country Life" I decided to give away a little something to help my readers (do I really have any readers?) make their house squeaky clean. 
Sooooo...without further ado, I am going to give away this WowGreen Starter kit:

The kit includes everything you need to spruce up your abode while keeping the planet safe using all natural ingredients.   It has the following things in trial size:

Window Cleaner
All Purpose Cleaner
Laundry Detergent
Carpet Cleaner
Stain Stick
This kit is sure to help you in your adventures against dirt and grime.

To Enter, just leave a comment with your name, e-mail address, and if you plan on doing any spring cleaning this year.   Thanks for entering and good luck!!



Heidi said...

I will be doing a ton of spring cleaning this year because we plan on moving!


a boy a girl and a pug said...

would love to try this...i am a big spring cleaning fan!

Anonymous said...

I was also inspired by MoneySavingMom to begin my spring cleaning projects this week!

Donna said...

Spring cleaning will hopefully begin next week- after all the garden work is done ;-)

Karen said...

I might wash the curtains if I get around to it!


Anonymous said...

I've already spent 2 days with my wonderful mom cleaning my house! I still want to wash windows, though.


Christine said...

We've already started spring cleaning. My two older kids cleaned out our shed for $5 a piece.


Anonymous said...

Our family will be spring cleaning the last week of April (hopefully) during our spring break from homeschooling.


Michelle said...

We actually have been doing spring cleaning for a few weeks now. This weekend we are cleaning the outside windows and shampooing the carpets.

shelnew19 (at) gmail

Jay said...

We are planning on a spring clean. We need to de clutter so we fit in our house!!!

Karen G said...

I plan on doing a LOT of spring cleaning. I am even trying to get my husband to install/make a clothesline for the back yard.
Karen G

Anonymous said...

Hoping to move so I must start cleaning!


Helen said...

I am planning on doing a LOT of spring cleaning this year - I am moving to another city. It would be great to win this kit!! Thanks for this giveaway.

hanrunni at gmail dot com

Chantel said...

Definitely has been on the list and will be as we are looking for a new rental in a new place!

alaskawildrose AT gmail DOT com


Plowlady said...

oh yes! you better believe I am doing spring cleaning! LOL!...where does all the dirt come from?! geesh! I put on some good music, grab my diet coke and scoot everyone away!! Dropping by from UBP -- love your blog!

mariannakeough at hotmail.com

Hannah said...

There is a bunch of spring clening that needs to be done at my house. I love your site. The layout is adorable.
Hannah C
psychopathicpixie @ yahoo

Susan Margaret said...

I'm going to do my spring cleaning at the beginning of May because I'll be able to air the house out properly as well!

charmtime at gmail dot com

Theresa N. said...

I love spring cleaning and I've started.
Theresa N

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