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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Backyard Stroll

This evening, I took a little stroll in my yard to see what I could see.  There were lots of flowers and buds of every kind popping up all over the place.

I have a huge lilac bush full of these beautiful little purple flowers in the front yard.  It smells so amazing, very sweet and floral.  I love when the wind blows the scent in through my front window.
This neat ivy is growing beside my flower bed.  I didn't plant it and I'm pretty sure it is just a weed, but it is pretty and I like it so I have just been trying to keep it contained to a small area instead of mowing it down.

I found these peonies growing right there in the grass by the fire pit. This part of the yard hasn't been mowed yet since my riding mower belt decided that it was tired of working and snapped the other day when we were cutting the grass.
This Azaela Bush is one of the prettiest spots in my front yard.  The feeder is empty, but usually it is full and there are all kinds of little chickadees and other small birds peeping and eating.  The cardinals also love to perch in this bush, it is about 8 feet tall!!!

Here are some more "weeds" that I think are just beautiful.  The little yello flowers are so cute and I always see a lot of honeybees flitting on them in the summer.
 I forgot what these pretty bulb plants are called, but this is the first year that they have flowers growing on them!  So exciting, I didn't kill something!
After my walk, I took a few of the pretty flowers that I picked up along the way, and made myself a pretty flower arrangement for my living room.  It smells so good and makes me happy everytime I look at it.  I love Spring!


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