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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Big Goodbye to the Ultimate Blog Party 2010!!!

I met some amazing ladies (and a few pretty cool dudes) during the Ultimate Blog Party this year. I can’t believe it went by so fast. There was so much to learn and discover and I’m so glad I could be a part of it. I have lots of fun blogs to visit still and I am going to be checking the mclinky from UBP10 all year long. Here are three of my favorites, I decided to just pick in random order since there were too many to pick from.

http://musingsofamanicmama.blogspot.com/ Can you say “Oh my George”? Alisha is raising THREE boys and wrangling a husband in her spare time. This girl is seriously surrounded by testosterone. Her little maniacs are just too cute and always up to some antics. This blog is definitely a great mom blog and you can find lots of useful information and fun books to read. Plus, I think Alisha is almost as crazy about the Pioneer Woman as I am.


http://www.onjustacoupleacres.blogspot.com/ It is truly amazing what this woman does with a few acres of land. She raises chickens and pigs and children. She grows vegetables and herbs and flowers and children. She home schools, she cooks…really, this woman is Supermom (I bet she even sews her own cape). This is definitely a quality blog and worth reading for all of us girls with not-so-green thumbs.

http://whodoesntlovecoupons.blogspot.com/ This site is definitely a great source for saving money. It is packed with new deals and coupon match ups every single day. There are tons of free samples with easy links and great explanations for how to get stuff. Check it out for all of your couponing needs!

I am sad to see the UBP 10 come to a close, but am blessed to have had the opportunity to spend it with so many great people.  A big thank you goes out to those who checked out my blog and decided to follow me on this crazy adventure.  A giant huge extravagant THANK YOU goes out to http://www.5minutesformom.com/ for hosting this crazy party for us all.  I have no idea how 2 women could pull off such a huge event, but I am super glad that you did it.  Thanks to happypandababy for taking care of all the prizes and thanks to all those who contributed prizes.  I hope to see you all throughout the rest of the year and I can't wait for UBP11 for more blogging fun!!!


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