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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh you dirty dirty little kitchen!!

Oh kitchen, how I have neglected you.  I am so sorry for mistreating you and stuffing your cute little cabinets full of unwanted little things that I don't need "right now."  How was I to know that I would never find the lids to those 25 tupperware bowls that were crammed into that tiny little cabinet?  I had no idea that spices went bad after just 2 years, I would have thrown them away if I would have known the pain that they caused your poor little spice rack self.  I know it is just me and my husband, but I am just positive that we need 15 dinner plates and a whole pile of bowls.  Also, that silverware drawer has to have at least 30 forks and 30 spoons or I am simply unprepared for mass food disaster! 
Please forgive me for splattering all that grease on the range hood while frying some of my (delicious) chicken.  I can always clean the grease and grime tomorrow right?  That chicken sure did taste good though. 
Cleaning the garbage can?  Why would I clean a garbage can?  It holds garbage.  Oh you poor plastic garbage can with paper and liquid stuck to your bottom.  I always put a bag in you, how was I to know that on the inside you were a mess?  I didn't take the time to clean your lid the way I should. 
My old faithful refrigerator.  I love you dearly, you keep my lettuce so crisp and my tomatoes red and plump.  Whenever my throat is aching for a cold drink, you are always there to help me in my moment of need.  Because of you I am able to prepare wonderful dinners for my little family.  I am so sorry that I let you down and neglected you the way I did.  I let those cucumbers turn into mush in that bottom crisper drawer.  I am so sorry that they spilled icky gooey green stuff all over your pretty little white bottom.  I had no idea that American Cheese had an expiration date.  It got very sticky and Im sure it hurt when I pried that stuck on cheese off of your thin plastic shelf. 
Oh little kitchen of mine, I promise to scrub you up good as new.  I will perform a miracle cleansing and you will be looking good and feeling great.  Don't give up on me dear kitchen, I will scrub you clean with every ounce of fight I have left in me.  I promise I won't let you down. 
Now where did I put that bleach...


Anonymous said...

If you do all that scrubbing ,cleaning and
miracle performance, what will your parents have to talk about when they come to visit you?
What's for dinner?

Love Mom

Nony (A Slob Comes Clean) said...

Haha, love it! I can totally relate.

Ellen said...

Very funny! I think I must have the same kitchen! :)

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