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Monday, April 12, 2010

Is it vacation time yet?

After a fun filled weekend of chicken nabbing and garden building (not to mention window breaking and sunburn getting), it is back to work for me.  I am working for the next 3 days, 12 hour shifts each day.  But I was just sitting here at work in between chaos thinking about vacation.
Vacation for my family is probably a little different than for most families.  Vacation is the one time each year that me and my husband actually get to see each other for more than 2 days at a time.  If you have read my other posts, you know that my husband is a truck driver and is away for long periods of time each week. 
This year, we are going to take a closer to home vacation due to the econimic crisis that is ongoing in my neck of the woods.  We will be visiting A few islands in Lake Erie off the shore of our great state of Ohio.  It really is quite easy to find a nice vacation that doesn't cost a fortune close to home if you are creative.  We will be camping out at the campgrounds located on each island.  Sure a nice air conditioned hotel would be nice, but a lakefront campsite with a cool little tent/cabin contraption isnt bad either. I thought I would share with you, my faithful readers (all 3 of you), some interesting things about the places we will be visiting this June.  So grab a seat on the boat and lets begin our adventure into the Lake Erie Islands!!!
Put In Bay  is the most popular of the Lake Erie Islands.  It is also known as South Bass Island.  It is accessible only by boat, ferry or plane. Put-in-Bay has been a summer resort for more than 100 years. Today Put-in-Bay is a vibrant tourist resort complete with bars, hotels, boating, fishing, a monument, caves and much more.  My favorite way to get around the island is by golf cart.  There are several rental places when you get off the ferry that offer bikes, golf carts or scooters, they even have their own taxi on this little island.  There is lots to eat and a nice state park where you can camp and do other water activities.  Put In Bay is a pretty exciting island with a lot of nightlife.

Kelley's Island is a more serene peaceful island.  It is the largest island in the western basin on Lake Erie.  It is home to a very impressive site of some Glacial Grooves.  This island is full of beautiful lakeside houses and also has a nice state park with camping.  There are lots of outdoor activities and of course, the best part is the Golf Carts! 

There are lots of other cool places to visit at Lake Erie.  One of my favorites is Cheesehaven.  It is a giant store filled with every kind of cheese and smoked meat imagineable. 

The more I dream about it, the more excited I get about the getaway that we have planned for the Lake Erie Islands this summer.  Stay tuned for more information!


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