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Saturday, July 24, 2010

A (hot) Day at the Adams County Fair

Why Hello There!

I had the super enjoyable experience of visiting the Adams County Fair this past Thursday.  Boy did we have a good time.  This is a true country fair with plenty of fun to be had by all ages.  The weather outside was humid and about 320 degrees.  OK it was actually only 95, but it felt like 320 just the same. 

Charlotte the pig agreed with me about the temperature.  Do pigs sweat?  I sweated enough for the both of us anyways.

This pig, lets call her pinky, was so hot that she had to put the cool bars of her pen in her mouth for relief.  My nephew was really enjoying watching pinky in action. 
These two are in love.  They are best friends and destined to spend the rest of their lives together.  I feel that way sometimes about my Cherry Garcia Ice Cream.
I know that I already posted this picture up above, but I shared a special bond with this little piggy.  I think we both wear the same size jeans!  Isn't she adorable all sprawled out and comfy with her water bottle within reach?  All she has to do is turn her head (no energy expended) and she will be rewarded with a cool clean drink of fresh water.
The fair is fun!  I rode the merry go round.  Me and my family ate our weight in fried foods.  I have lard coming out of my pores. 

This cow is the most perfect cow I have ever seen.  If I were to be reincarnated as a farm animal, I want to be her.  Her hair was fluffy, I saw them applying something from a spray can that looked suspiciously like Aqua Net.  Notice the distribution of brown to white on this girl.  She is perfect! 
If you didn't get a chance to experience all that the Adams County Fair has to offer this year, I would highly recommend putting it on your list of fun summer things to do next year.  You will definitely not be disappointed. 

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Mikey from PP said...

Very cute! Love going to the county fairs :)

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