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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fun Filled Friday, Chicken Style!!

Today is Friday, do you know what that means?  It's time for another super edition of Fun Filled Friday
                                                                                                                                                                              As you may or may not know, about a month ago I got some baby chickens.  I would like to introduce to the world Daffodil, Daisy and Petunia.  Why didn't anyone tell me that chickens grow so fast? 

A few short weeks ago, these cute little babies fit in the palm of my hand. Let me just take a moment to weep a few tears at how quickly my babies have grown up.  *Sob sniff sniff cry snot*...OK, Im done now. 
This is Petunia, she is different than the other 2 chickens.  I am not aware of chicken varieties, but I think she is a Cornish Hen.  A miniature chicken if you will.  Today while I was taking a shower, Petunia decided to break out of the aquarium I have been keeping the little sweeties in while they grow.  Petunia landed on the toilet seat...and then she pooped in the toilet.  Yes that IS chicken poop in my toilet.  Has anyone else ever had a potty trained chicken?  If so, I would love to hear about it. 
My dad has spent the better part of three days working on this Chicken Coop.  I have been helping him with it and I even got a few injuries today.  Injuries on fun filled friday, how silly.  I managed to smash not one, but two of my fingers while nailing the roof on this place  This is not just a regular old chicken coop either, it is the Hilton of chicken coops.  I think the girls will be very happy in here.  They spent a few hours inside this afternoon and enjoyed it thoroughly.  The coop should be completely finished tomorrow and ready for move in day.  I believe we will have a small party for the chickens complete with refreshments like crickets and cracked corn.  I might even make some cupcakes for the humans!  Come to the party!  It will be fun. 

That is all I have for this week's edition of Fun Filled Friday!  It was a whole day of chicken coop building but it will definitely pay off when my little cuties start laying those yummy eggs. 
Stay tuned for more infomation!


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